Welcome to the new PSECO web site where the emphasis is on seeing what you came here for, lots of super accurate rifles
for many different purposes and disciplines.

The very best components and 35 years fulltime precision rifle-making experience go into the construction of each and every
PSECO rifle.

Click on an image below to go to the page that interests you to view a slideshow of rifles built by PSECO in recent times.

If you would like to pursue a build, send me an e-mail with your requirements and a slide number, with your phone number
and a convenient time for me to call.

I look forward to talking to you about a PSECO rifle project built just for you, by yours truly, John Giles.
2016 web John H Giles
By the way John the 300 Win Mag grouping well under .5" (.35" is common with 180 grn Hornady SST's at 2965fps) with anything. The harder I load it the tighter the groups. Have not had a combination that didn't work makes life so easy and its already done the job. 
See my photo attached.     Marcus C

Hi John, I thought I should give you a report on the .17 HMR Lilja Drop-In barrel. It was dead easy to fit, and was sighted in with the original scope in place, and came on target with NO windage adjustment. It consistently shoots .3 to.5" groups at 50m over the bench, likes 17gn or 20gn projectiles equally, and I have managed to shoot a crow at about 170m. In short I must say I am quite delighted with this barrel. Feel free to mention this to Lilja next time you are in touch with them.   Regards, John L. Qld 

Hi John,
Bit of an update on how the 284 is going. Being brand new to the world of F class (5 weeks), I've won half of the events I've entered and came 5th in an OPM. Still fire forming cases and working out loads, yesterday I shot two scores of 59.6 and 59.4 with a group of 1.75" (measured off a fresh centre  being last shooter) at 300 yds, beating one of Victorias top F Open shooters. So thanks for building an exceptional rifle.   Cheers   Antony C

Could not be happier will all the work you have done on my rifles in the past. At least I know its me when I dont perform and not the rifle :-)    Cheers Mike

John, just writing to thank you very much for the hard work you put into making my rifle it is truly amazing. Here are a few pictures of my rifle and a group I shot off a bipod and rear bag.
Thanks again.  Ben P.
Some recent builds
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